Get A Steady Stream of New Customers in Your Business with Profitable Cold Traffic Offers and Ads 
If you're struggling to scale with paid traffic there might be a deeper issue...
Hi, I'm Mike
I'm a Cold Traffic Conversion Consultant from Newport, RI.

And I'd like to help you stop wasting money, and start MAKING money with your Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I talk to a lot of business owners who suspect they have a Facebook ads problem...

...but often the reason they are struggling with paid traffic is because:

#1: They have a funnel that doesn't convert cold traffic fast enough to be profitable.


#2: Their offer is just adding to the marketing noise, instead of cutting through it.  

What this could mean for you is...

Your business is 'flying under the radar' and your ideal customers don't even know what they are missing.


I don't know where the exact problem is in your business - yet.

But I CAN help you get that clarity... that you know EXACTLY where to put your efforts first.

And that's super important because trying to "fix" your Facebook ads before your funnel and offer are dialed in... like slapping really expensive bandaids on a wound that will never fully heal.

Ready to stop struggling and start winning?

Let's hop on a call and brainstorm how this applies to your business.

Grab your time here:
"Mike has the triple threat skill set being a talented writer, results-proven marketer, and instinctively good teacher.  He's the guy I trust to write my copy, build my funnels, and run my ads."
- Kevin Rogers, Founder of Copy Chief
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