Authenticity Marketing Example

Okay, the example is below - and like I said in the email, I would really appreciate it if you place your vote on what should become the official name for this style of authenticity marketing, which takes a problem in your business and creates unexpected sales and a deeper relationship with your customers.

Here are the names, you can place your vote at the bottom of this page after the example.

  • Mishap Marketing     ...OR
  • Revealing The Lemon

Ready?  Without further ado:

The Soon-To-Be-Named Authenticity Marketing Example

Subject line: The hats "fell off the truck"

Right now, there is an outlaw wearing stained blue jeans and selling a big box of <brand name> hats out of the back of his truck in a rest stop - for ten bucks a pop.  (Or at least that is how I imagine it happening...)

Maybe you have noticed that we are all out of many of our hats here at <brand name>.  And I owe a huge apology (AGAIN) to everyone who has already ordered hats but hasn’t gotten them yet.  Trust me, we WILL have them back next week.

See, I ordered a whole bunch of hats.  And if life worked the way my spreadsheet does, they would be here right now.

But that is not how life works, and somehow, the hats are gone.  And nobody can find them, no matter how many phone calls I make, or emails I send.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, I have been really stressed out about this hat situation.  I woke up last night in a cold sweat, dreaming about hats.  

So to put an end to the hat-stress, I am doing two things:

  1. Telling you about the hat situation, so we are all on the same page.
  2. Making some lemonade with these lemons and having an impromptu HAT PARTY.

Since I need to order a whole bunch of new hats anyway, I figured I would make this fun and see how many people want to add to the order.  So for the next 30 hours, all foam trucker hats are 25% off.  

At the end of the 30 hours, I’ll put in the order (I have been promised that this truck is DEFINITELY delivering these bad boys)

Get your foam trucker hat right here and use the coupon, "HatParty".

That’s a wrap - if you want to get in on the hat action, you have till tomorrow afternoon at 1pm, PST.

<Name - in this case the brand founder>

P.S. -Thanks for listening, and watch out for the <brand name> outlaw.  He’s out there, somewhere, and he has a lot of hats.

See how that works?

  1. Take a problem in your business (in this case, a missing shipment of hats when people had already ordered and weren't getting them as soon as expected)
  2. Create a compelling story where you pull back the curtain a bit and tell people what actually happened.  
  3. And in this case, we combined the story with a great offer and ran an impromptu pre-order sale that drove a ton of unexpected business, and built a stronger relationship with the customers (the business owner got a lot of responses from people who appreciated how open and honest the email was about the situation).


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