Mike has the triple threat skill set being a talented writer, results-proven marketer, and instinctively good teacher.
— Kevin Rogers, Founder, CopyChief.com
Working with Mike on email marketing was the smartest thing I have done in the process of growing my business.
— Brett Farrell, Founder, Territory Run Co.
In my career in retail of over two decades, Mike is one of the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with. On top of that, he is an accomplished professional, and his marketing insights have been integral to successful product launches, and the double-digit growth of multiple, established retail businesses.
— Rich Brandon, Director of Retail Experiences, Superfeet

Hi, I'm Mike.

I built Chimp Wolf because I know what it is like to be in the weeds of a business, and have no idea what to send to your list.

I have run a few businesses, and finding the time for great marketing can be tough.

Heck, even if marketing is your full-time job it is still tough.

What do you send? How do you get people to buy??

Well, there are a lot of answers to that question on the internet, and I'm not saying mine is the best because I haven't tried all of those answers.

But I do know it works, and not just because of my own experience of writing and designing email marketing campaigns in a number of industries.

This approach to email marketing is based on tens of thousands of years of human communication.  

The one thing I know?  Stories are compelling.

If you can tell a good story, people will listen.  They find it interesting.  They are entertained.

They open their wallets.

I want to help you tell compelling stories in your email marketing, that delight your customers, and open their wallets.

Let's start today.

Stay dangerous,